Heaven Shall Burn - Of Truth & Sacrifice

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23 years, eight albums, and countless personal and professional achievements are the bare bones that make up the story thus far of HEAVEN SHALL BURN. The German quintet took a well earned break following the release of their 2016 banger Wanderer, but they’re now back with a vengeance – and making up for lost time! Of Truth and Sacrifice, the ninth addition to HEAVEN SHALL BURN‘s discography, is their most ambitious to date clocking in at 19 tracks and 100 minutes long – but ambition aside, does their newest effort continue the band’s trend of greatness, or is this where the German’s fall off course?

A1. March Of Retribution
A2. Thoughts And Prayers
A3. Eradicate
A4. Protector
A5. Übermacht
A6. My Heart And The Ocean
B1. Expatriate
B2. What War Means
B3. Terminate The Unconcern
B4. The Ashes Of My Enemies
C1. Children Of A Lesser God
C2. La Résistance
C3. The Sorrows Of Victory
C4. Stateless
D1. Tirpitz
D2. Truther
D3. Critical Mass
D4. Eagles Among Vultures
D5. Weakness Leaving My Heart