Pillars Of Ivory / Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - split [LP]

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The pairing of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal and Pillars of Ivory for a split is pretty perfect. Each project is borne out of trying something just a bit different. For Adam McIlwee, Wicca Phase took his homespun songwriting he perfected on the self-titled Tigers Jaw record and refitted it for emo rap, abandoning guitars for 808s and a computer. Jay Petta of Mindforce on the other hand uses Pillars of Ivory for an entirely different purpose, creating a cocktail of his two favorite things: hardcore and rap. While this combination may seem suspect to those who lived through the worst of rap-rock, Pillars of Ivory instead feels like your best friend making you a mixtape, alternating between a DJ mix and two-minute bursts of NYHC fury.

A1. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - One Diamond
A2. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Symbol Devotion
A3. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Targeted Individual
A4. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Robin
B1. Pillars Of Ivory - L.O.W.
B2. Pillars Of Ivory - M.O.P.
B3. Pillars Of Ivory - L.I.T.