From Autumn To Ashes - The Fiction We Live [LP]

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From Autumn To Ashes hopped on the Vagrant Records 25th-Anniversary wagon with a new pressing of "The Fiction We Live." The record was originally released in 2003 but not available on vinyl until a small run in 2013 which quickly sold out, and this 2022 pressing. Long Island, NY's From Autumn To Ashes was one of the originators in the heavy/melodic scream/sing genre that, at this point, leaned a bit more toward the melodic side.

1. The After Dinner Payback
2. Lilacs & Lolita
3. No Trivia
4. Milligram Smile
5. The Second Wrong Makes You Feel Right
6. Every Reason To
7. Autumns Monologue
8. Alive Out Of Habit
9. All I Taste Today Is What's Her Name
10. The Fiction We Live
11. I'm The Best At Ruining My Life