A18 - Dear Furious

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A18 took everything that made late 1980s hardcore special and added new depth to it. Each song was a testament to a life-long struggle of personal growth and self-acceptance. Always focusing their own trials and tribulations on to creating a positive outlet for their pain, the message of A18 was not to wallow, but to face your problems head on and never give in to obstacles. Now available on colored vinyl. LP includes a free MP3 download.

1. The Massive
2. Fire In The Hole
3. Stab You Through The Everything
4. Gravelines
5. The Soundtrack To A Glamorous Goodbye
6. Jailhouse Rob
7. Misery Street
8. Dear Furious
9. Beating A Dead Horse
10. Marco Polo
11. Heartbreak Affiliated
12. We All Fall Down