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When A.J. Novello and I first started working together on reissuing the entire Leeway studio catalog in 2014, we knew that Adult Crash, their 3rd album that was originally released in 1994, needed an entirely different approach. 

While the other albums would just be remastered to bring them up to modern day standards, Adult Crash called for a complete overhaul. 

From the actual mix to the mastering to the song order, the original album was in someways substandard and disappointing and not up to Leeway's usual caliber. 

So, we knew that it would be THE biggest undertaking in the entire project and that this time it had to be done right. We weren't gonna settle for anything less than excellence. 

The main concern was finding a great mix engineer who understood what Leeway was about, so we sent out some songs to different engineers in the HC scene but none of them seemed to comprehend our vision of what we exactly wanted. 

Eventually we linked up with Chris Collier (Prong, Korn, Whitesnake) who immediately sent us an astoundingly good first pass and we instantly knew he was the perfect man for the job. 

The final mix was even better than expected and sonically it's stands up to all other Leeway albums without exception. 

This is how Adult Crash should have sounded. This is how it should have been sequenced. This is how Adult Crash should be heard. And this is how Adult Crash should be remembered.


Adult Crash will be released on April 21st 2022 for preorder with a vinyl release date for late 2022 early 2023.


Preorders will get access to an exclusive download of the album.


Official Leeway instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/leeway_official_band/

1. Simple Life

2. Clueless
3. 3 Wishes
4. 10 Years
5. Withering Heights
6. Make A Move
7. Grip
8. You
9. Silver Tongue
10. The Roulaison