108 - Curse Of Instinct [LP]

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First time ever on vinyl! Exclusive color for Reality Records.

Shipping expected mid to end august.

200 solid yellow (exclusive to Revelation Records)
100 orange translucent/black marble (exclusive to Reality Records)
100 transparent blue marble (exclusive to the House of Devarishi Shop)
100 solid red

Formed in 1991 by Vic DiCara (Vraja Kishor dasa) 108 was designed to put Krishna Consciousness in the center of their music. Joined by Rob Fish (Rasaraja dasa, ex singer of Release and Ressurection), Tim Cohen (Trivikrama dasa) and Kate O Eight (Keli Lalita devi dasi) 108 became the pioneers of the socalled Krishna-core movement of the early 90ies along with bands like Shelter, Refuse To Fall and Prema. All bands were under the roof of Equal Vision Records.

108 created a straight-up hardcore with metallic, crushing breaks and angry riffs. The unique 108 sound is intense, melancholic, chaotic, tender, dramatic and earth-shattering at the same time.

108 always had an ‚aggressive‘ approach towards spirituality for they never sugarcoated their understanding of the universal truth. 108 declared war on the ego as an essence for true revolution!

Originally released in 1996, ’Curse of Instinct’ was recorded at Salad Days Studio, engineered by Brian McTernan by then already a household name in the Hardcore Community. The 12“EP is containing three 108 songs, a Bad Brains (‚Coptic Times‘) and a Black Flag (‚The Bars‘) cover.

1. Curse of Instinct
2. Coptic Times
3. Blood
4. Pyro Stoke
5. The Bars