Additional Time - Wolves Amongst Sheep

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Formed in late 2011 in Southwestern Germany, those guys have taken the experience gained from the hundred combined years they have dedictated to the European hardcore scene. The result is one monster of a band. It’s deep bromance. The result is ADDITIONAL TIME. „Angry, massive and combined with heavy, ferocious riffing which should appeal to any early Hatebreed and Terror fan out there.“ ADDITIONAL TIME is ready to take Europe by storm with their first full length entitled „Wolves Amongst Sheep“ in the very near future. Be prepared!

1. The Last Goodbye
2. That's All Me
3. Wolves Amongst Sheep
4. Redemption
5. Servant To The Hate
6. Dethronement
7. Life's A Bitch
8. Unified
9. Cold Hearted
10. Before Dishonor