Agnostic Front - Last Warning

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This was supposed to be the last Agnostic Front performance (12-20-1993). But even though it wasn't, it's still one of the best live performances they've done, and it would have been a great way to go out. The live portion had a good mix of songs from all of their releases, and guest vocals from Jimmy (of Murphy's Law), Raybeez (of Warzone, R.I.P), and Evan (of Biohazard). The studio portion is the rare "United Blood" EP, which is a fairly good mix and classic NYHC, although the best mix is on Raw Unleashed.

1. Undertow
2. Your Mistake / Victim in Pain
3. One Voice
4. Infiltrate / Strength
5. United Blood
6. Public Assistance / Over the Edge
7. Blind Justice/Last Warning
8. Crucified
9. Toxic Shock / United & Strong
10. Fascist Attitudes
11. Anthem / The Eliminator
12. Last Warning
13. Friend or Foe
14. United Blood
15. Discriminate Me
16. In Control