Agnostic Front - To Be Continued

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With "To be Continued", Agnostic Front, an hardcore legend from NYC, was summarizing its first ten years of existence. Some people could object that other songs could have or should have been chosen but it has to be told that there is no perfect complilation in the music world. But his one, is a decent one... Just take a look at the songs! 'Victim in Pain', 'Blind Justice', 'One Voice', 'Crucified', 'Fascist Attitudes', 'Your mistake', 'Anthem', 'Last Warning', ... It's just a "best of" but one should reconize that few hardcore gangs can be proud of so many anthems in just a single album...

1. Victim In Pain
2. Your Mistake
3. Hypocrisy
4. New Jack
5. Liberty & Justice
6. Time Will Come
7. Power
8. Society Sucker
9. Toxic Shock
10. Public Assistance
11. Blind Justice
12. The Eliminator
13. One Voice
14. Crucified
15. United And Strong
16. Your Mistake
17. Fascist Attitudes (Live)
18. Anthem (Live)
19. Last Warning (Live)