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Created in 2006, Alea Jacta Est recorded their first 3 tracks demo in 2007 at the Bringer Studio. After intensively playing in Spain and France, they recorded a split CD in 2008, still at Bringer Studio, with beatdown band Fat Ass. Their split CD was released as a co-production on 4 different record labels. They continued playing and did 2 tours in 2008 and 2009, in France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Throughout those years they opened for many bands such as Comeback Kid, Defeater, Nueva Etica, Represent, Kickback, Arkangel, First Blood, Black My heart, CDC… In 2010 they came back to Bringer Studio to record their first full length. It was released on Useless Pride Records in June for Europe, it should be out by fall in the USA on Panda Claw Records and in Russia by FONO LTD. Get ready for those 10 tracks of Toulouse Hardcore at its best, featuring Guigui & John (Through My Eyes) and Gerardo (Nueva Etica).

Track Listing :
1. Morituri Te Salutant
2. No Sooner Born Than Dead
3. Nothing Here For Me
4. Today You Die
5. Behind Your Smile
6. The Die Is Cast
7. Nice Words, No Truth
8. You Make Me Stronger
9. Volveremos
10. Kiss Defeat Goodbye
11. Napalm For Everyone
12. Thrown To The Lions