All Out War - Condemned To Suffer

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New York's All Out War is a punishing display of the aggression of hardcore crossed with the brutality of metal while avoiding the shortcomings of both genres. To get a taste of All Out War's musical style, envision Slayer's "Reign In Blood" colliding head on with "Age of Quarrel" era Cro-Mags. Two styles as different as they come, but All Out War combines the two to form an attack unmatched by today's standards.

1. Straight Toward Extinction
2. Condemned to Suffer
3. Bleeding the Weak
4. Heaven's Coming Down
5. Two-Thousand Years
6. From the Bottom
7. Destined to Burn
8. Pray for Salvation
9. Hypocrites of the Revolution
10. Vengeance for the Angels
11. Rise of the Anti-Christ
12. Gone Forever