Amenra - Mass IIII [CD]

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Outside of the house built on the carcasses of lost spirits, where the gloomy mist curtains the doorway, dark clouds are gathering. The halo of twilight slowly envelopes the faces of bare trees. A murder of crows gets lost in black fumes. The sunset becomes hidden. A new moon is drawing nigh. Absolute darkness reigns. Deep in the forest, the rhythmic cadence of drums lures. A crowd of yearning hearts surrounds five silhouettes dressed in black, torches in their hands, preparing for another sleepless night. Amen ra slowly commence their hypnotising wake. 27 months of touring, aching, rehearsing and searching after their breakthrough record Mass III, Belgiums Amen ra now unleash their highly-anticipated sophomore full-length onto the masses ! Their avant-garde take on music, composed of droning, repetitive chords alternated by bowel knotting vocals, incorporates the dark atmosphere of tortured doom-metal with the dominating drive of sludge-metal, while equally lingering with elements of drone. Anonymous haunting riffs, grave and unconventional rhythm changes, surrounded by a mysterious and semi-religious vocal delivery that is ultimately threatening, Amen ra create a foreboding feeling of tremor through distressed trances of careful repetition.

1. Silver Needle, Golden Nail
2. Le Gardien Des Rêves
3. De Dodenakker
4. Terziele
5. Razoreater
6. Aorte
7. Thurifer