Amorphis - Halo [LP]

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2018's Queen Of Time was a remarkable album in its own right, let alone for being Amorphis thirteenth LP in nearly thirty years. Then again, the Finnish progressive death metal sextet is anything but ordinary, so fans should expect nothing less than excellence from them. In that sense, Halo is a worthy follow-up since it clearly picks up from where the last one left off (with plenty of the instrumental and melodic bells and whistles still intact). That said, it's doesn't pack quite as much of a diverse and hypnotic punch, choosing instead to chart a more boxed-in path with fewer overtly fetching moments. While that results in a slightly disappointing experience at first, thankfully, the record reveals many trademark gems once it completely sinks in.

A1. Northwards
A2. On The Dark Waters
A3. The Moon
B1. Windmane
B2. A New Land
B3. When The Gods Came
C1. Seven Roads Come Together
C2. War
C3. Halo
D1. The Wolf
D2. My Name Is Night