Angel Dust - Upside Down 7"

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On the second single for their upcoming LP, "Rock The Fuck On Forever," Angel Dust delivers a 120-second blast of pure melody in the blissed-out pop gem that is "Upside Down." While Angel Dust has made a name for themselves with their own off-kilter brand of spastic, high-octane adrenaline blasts, they've also showed us that they have quite the knack for a big melody and catchy hook. Guaranteed to get your toes tapping and head bobbing, "Upside Down" is a testament to Angel Dust's penchant for melody and pop sensibility, and is poised to be the perfect soundtrack for your start to spring. On the flip, "Teenage Haze" (exclusive to this release only) is a steady fist pumper, picking up the pace just enough to get your heart rate up, in true Angel Dust fashion.

1. Upside Down
2. Teenage Haze