Ante Up - See You In Hell [CD]

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In the past two decades, the Motor City Detroit underground scene generated legendary names like COLD AS LIFE, H8INC, DOGZ OF WAR, EARTHMOVER and xTYRANTx. Now in 2015 it´s time for ANTE UP to queue into this list of heavy Michigan Hardcore outfits with the release of “See you in hell”. On their 12-song full-length debut, ANTE UP created a relentless hybrid of classical violent Detroit Hardcore with uncompromising modern Beatdown Mosh full of rage and animosity. Featuring guest-vocals by Mat CITIZEN, Pelbu KNUCKLEDUST, Martijn NO TURNING BACK and Ziggy ANIMALHAUS, plus great cover-art done by FURY OF FIVE guitarist Derrick.

1. Intro
2. See You In Hell
3. Clouded Minds
4. Mans Purpose
5. Lifted
6. From Me To You
7. Deception
8. Bone-Crusher
9. Guilty
10. Ways Of A Deadbeat
11. End Of Days
12. Outro