Anti-Flag - American Fall [LP]

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Since unleashing their seminal 1996 debut "Die For The Government," Anti-Flag has empowered and emboldened the listeners of two generations beset with a new millennium stricken by war, racial upheaval and financial collapse. The Pittsburgh, PA quartet - Justin Sane, Chris#2, Chris Head and Pat Thetic - has embodied a timeless punk spirit over the course of nine influential offerings, including "The Terror State," "For Blood And Empire," "American Spring" and upcoming with their new album "American Fall."

1. American Attraction
2. The Criminals
3. When The Wall Falls
4. Trouble Follows Me
5. Finish What We Started
6. Liar
7. Digital Blackout
8. I Came. I Saw. I Believed.
9. Racists
10. Throw It Away
11. Casualty