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After causing massive havoc worldwide with their 'Doomsday Machine' in the past two years, the mighty ARCH ENEMY triumphantly return with perhaps the most significant album of their already celebrated career. For the new masterpiece 'Rise of The Tyrant,' the masters of metal returned to the acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, At The Gates) at Studio Fredman, where the band had recorded all of their albums until 'Wages Of Sin' (2001). ARCH ENEMY mastermind Michael Amott (guitars) explains: 'Rise of The Tyrant' is the ultimate ARCH ENEMY album! To me, it sounds like the perfect blend of melody and brutality. This record is an organic and honest statement from the band - it's pure metal at its finest, just the way ARCH ENEMY plays it.

1. Blood On Your Hands
2. The Last Enemy
3. I Will Live Again
4. In This Shallow Grave
5. Revolution Begins
6. Rise Of The Tyrant
7. The Day You Died
8. Intermezzo Liberté
9. Night Falls Fast
10. The Great Darkness
11. Vultures