Ashlar - Enthroned In A So-Called Heaven

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As Kindred was winding down, the band that quickly became their metalcore-successor in the Limburg area of Belgium was Ashlar. They took Kindred's sound and added an 'evil' element to it, as corny as that may sound. They were more metal than Kindred, with a singer who was nothing short of a maniac on stage. Chewing on the occasional blood-capsule, rolling away his eyes till only the white showed, it was a bit ridiculous even back then but few people cared as the band was a tight metalcore-machine on stage... While the recordings show the potential this band had, this band's true power was on stage, always good times. The guitarist would mostly just chew on some bubblegum and play his riffs like they were the simplest power chords, while the bassist and drummer were laying down the heavy foundation of their sound.

Completely remastered.

A1. An Illusion To Rebuild
A2. Hostility
A3. Horizon Of The Bloodshed
A4. Facade
B1. The Fratricide
B2. Enmity
B3. Salvation Pt. 1
B4. Salvation Pt. 2