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ATREYU came out of the metalcore scene in the mid-00s with their blend of harsh vocals, heavy riffs and catchy groove and have built up a sizeable following due to their hard work and constant touring. All good things must come to an end though and the band hit a wall, going went on an indefinite hiatus in 2011. Returning in 2014, the band had shown that they had grown up and matured over the extended break with the release of their record Long Live, and album cementing their core values but utilising experimentation with their song writing. This leads us up to present day with the release of latest album In Our Wake.

In Our Wake isn’t a progression from Long Live but rather a continuation of their more melodic and arena rock heavy opus Leads Sails Paper Anchor. That album had a penchant for changing up the staple ATREYU sound and that experimentation continues here. After being a band for as long as ATREYU have been you can’t attack a band for striving to develop and diversify their sound. John Feldmann is back behind the producer’s board here and his skills are evident throughout. Having the experience to produce music like ATREYU‘s comes from his work with bands like THE FEVER 333 and DISTURBED. The balance between harsh vocals from vocalist Alex Varkatzas and clean vocals from drummer Brandon Saller are weighted carefully so one does not overpower the other.

1. In Our Wake
2. House Of Gold
3. The Time Is Now
4. Nothing Will Ever Change
5. Blind Deaf & Dumb
6. Terrified
7. Safety Pin
8. Into The Open
9. Paper Castle
10. No Control
11. Anger Left Behind
12. Super Hero