Atreyu - The Best Of [2LP]

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This Record Store Day release is a limited edition colored vinyl 12" vinyl LP with special packaging, including split album cover (similar to CD layout) and etching on the fourth side of this two LP set. Includes digital download card and limited to 2000 copies.

1. Lip Gloss & Black
2. Ain’t Love Grand
3. Living Each Day Like You’re Already Dead
4. A Song For The Optimists
5. Deanne The Arsonist
6. Tulips Are Better
7. Someone’s Standing On My Chest
8. Bleeding Mascara
9. Right Side Of The Bed
10. You Eclipsed By Me
11. The Crimson
12. Demonology and Heartache
13. My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre
14. Creature
15. Our Sick Story (Thus Far)
16. Ex’s and Oh’s
17. Untitled Finale
18. The Theft