Backfire - Change The Game [CD]

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"Change the Game" is more of the same bludgeoning hardcore punk we've come to expect from Backfire! The sledgehammer guitars are there, the devastating rhythms, the screaming vocals. What's perhaps different about "Change the Game" are the lyrics. Many of the songs on "Change the Game" are surprisingly introspective in nature and that's not what you'd expect from a band like Backfire! For example, from "Take Me Home": "Will I reach the unreachable - the one thing that makes my life complete - or will I keep on searching; and watch it slip away from me." Or, from "Let It Go": "Thinking back on my care free days - when I was younger with unbroken dreams - so full of belief, but so naive; Not knowing that these thoughts last forever - they last forever." Backfire fans shouldn't worry that the band is losing their edge, however. Even though the lyrics above may be surprisingly ... sensitive ... they're still delivered with the classic Backfire! thrust. And many of the songs on the CD, including "Can't Hold Me Down" and "Where It Ends," are as rebellious and as defiant as you'd want.

1. Nothing Left To Prove
2. Can’t Hold Me Down
3. Where It Ends
4. Never Let Down (ft Freddy Madball)
5. I Believe In Me
6. Let It Go (ft. Billy Biohazard)
7. Forever Real (The Spudmonsters)
8. Take Me Home
9. Have Mercy On Me
10. T.M.A.
11. What Holds Us Together