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Backfire! 2008 comeback album "In Harms Way", a visceral, aggressive, pounding assault of classic New York fuelled hardcore with a European touch. 

Backfire! have returned. A new album, "In Harms Way" and a new home, GSR. Both leading the way in 2008 within the hardcore scene. Not too many hardcore bands last more than a couple of years and it is with this longevity of more than 12 years that has kept Backfire! as one of the leaders of the European hardcore scene, which has seen them through the hard times, yet still come out on top by playing numerous support tours with hardcore legends such as Biohazard, Warzone and Madball, release albums that are a staple of many a hardcore kid's record collection, ultimately making them a force to be reckoned with within hardcore. "In Harms Way" is Backfire!'s first album since the 2003 classic "Change The game" and what a return it is. 

5 years in waiting and they do not dissapoint as "In Harms Way" proves to be Backfire!'s most visceral, pissed off energetic offering to date. 
Not much has changed stylistically as Backfire! still tread the same floorboards they always did, by playing aggressive New York influenced hardcore with a European touch incorporating subtle melodies here and there. Everything is there, the razor sharp guitars slashing from left to right, the armoured tank artillery, the collossal earthquake like basslines, all mixed with Patrick's signature vocals that spew forth lyrics of angst and frustration as we pass into a new year, which round everything off the way it should be; the Backfire! way.
"In Harms Way" is Backfire!'s assault on todays hardcore scene, make sure you're not a victim.

For Fans Of: Madball, Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Terror.

1. Pushing My Failures Away
2. Nothing Is Forgiven
3. When All Hopes End
4. Sam’s Song
5. Screaming For Silence
6. This Thing We Have
7. Brother’s Keeper
8. How Do You Like Me Now
9. Push The Limit
10. Purify
11. Hey Joe
12a. You Can Make It
12b. Systems Overload (Integrity cover)