Backfire - My Broken World [CD]

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Backfire!'s "My Broken World" features 15 brand new songs. Check these songs and you'll understand right away why their 2009 break up was too early. Backfire! had more to offer to the universe, and music and lyric wise "My Broken World" proves it. Uncompromised aggressive New York influenced Hardcore; pissed, raw and angry. Forget the melancholic memories from their 1995 classic "Rebel 4 Life", and "My Broken World" is the best Backfire! effort so far. Backfire! 2012 is harder and darker than ever before. The lyrics from "My Broken World" are based on the deepest frustrations of disappointments and loss. Just like "In Harm's Way", the brand new "My Broken World" album is recorded and produced by Igor Wouters and mastered by Alan Douches. With guest vocals from Hein Tech9 and Dave Right Direction, as well a Crowbar cover, the atmosphere for the 15 "My Broken World" anthems is set.


1. Broke bruised and bitter
2. Every single night
3. Don't get your hopes up
4. All I ever wanted
5. Guard me
6. My broken world
7. The truth is a lie
8. This one is for us
9. Does it hurt?
10. Existence is punishment
11. I don't want to hear it
12. Choke on regret
13. Prayer for guidance
14. Enough
15. XX 13