Bad Brains - Banned In DC

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They've been compiled several times before, but the crucial evolution of their classic rasta-punk hybridization over three magnificent albums was more than any one disc could bear. Banned in D.C. is the first to finally get it right; Anthony Countey, the group's manager, has compiled what truly amounts to the definitive single-disc statement on the scope and the fury of the Bad Brains' revolutionary hardcore. From the unforgettable opening riff of "Pay to Cum", their famously anthemic, idealistic tirade against systems of control and the prevention of free expression, to the darkly relaxed reggae of "Love Prophets", the full range of their development probably couldn't have been managed more succinctly.

1. Pay To Cum
2. I Against I
3. Don't Bother Me
4. I
5. Regulator
6. F.V.K.
7. Re-Ignition
8. Sailin' On
9. How Low Can A Punk Get
10. At The Movies
11. With The Quickness
12. Sacred Love
13. Soul Craft
14. Voyage To Infinity
15. Banned In D.C.
16. Big Takeover
17. Joshua's Song
18. I And I Survive
19. The Meek
20. I Luv I Jah
21. The Prophet's Eye
22. Riot Squad
23. I Against I