Before The Dawn - Stormbringers

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After having released albums with DAWN OF SOLACE and WOLFHEART, Finnish multi-instrumentalist Tuomas Saukkonen is back with a new album from a resurrected band. “Stormbringers” is BEFORE THE DAWN’s newest release since 2012’s “Rise of the Phoenix,” and features a new line-up with Paavo Laapotti on vocals, Juho Räihä on lead guitar, Pyry Hanski on bass, and himself on drums, keyboards, and vocals. The album came out on June 30th, 2023, through Napalm Records. 

A lot more accessible and easy to listen to than most albums in the genre of melodic death metal because of the great usage of melodic hooks, “Stormbringers” features a fair amount of clean vocals, some keys, and grooves, but also contrasting harsh vocals, great guitar work, and punchy drums. If most of these were already staples of the genre, the layering of clean and harsh vocals really elevates some of the tracks and adds texture to the overall soundscape of the album. The mix of these elements also makes for great variety among the songs, with plenty of ebbs and flows that lead to an engaging album with a great playability value, while the tracks still sound cohesive and connected across the board.

This is the translucant vinyl edition.

1. The Dawn
2. Destroyer
3. Reveries
4. Downhearted
5. Chains
6. Divided
7. The Dark
8. Chaos Star
9. The Weight