Big Cheese - Don't Forget To Tell The World [LP]

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After the release of a demo tape and the European-only "Aggravated Mopery" EP, Big Cheese (featuring members of Violent Reaction) overwhelmingly established themselves as one of the best NYHC-style bands around (despite being based in UK), and made their claim as the live band to beat on stages across Europe. With a US tour imminent and new material in the works, Painkiller presents a 12" of all previously released material by Big Cheese (the aforementioned 7" and demo tape) plus one new song, all newly mastered and cut to a 45 RPM 12" to be played at maximum volume. New cover art by local legend Liam Fox of The Flex. Limited edition of 500 copies.

1. TCP
2. Pass The Buck
3. Night Keeper
4. Glass In Your Foot
5. Aggravated Mopery
6. Sports Day
7. Rotter
8. Big Cheese
9. Monopoly
10. Tower To The Sun