Billy Talent - Crisis Of Faith [LP]

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Billy Talent are an underrated band, which may sound odd considering that they have been a successful band since 1993 (with the same basic line up, minus a fill in when needed) that has sold more than 3 million albums worldwide in their career.

Billy Talent have a recognizable sound. Similar to AC/DC, you can tell that it is them just by hearing the guitar sound. Combined with Kowalewicz’s vocals, there is a familiar comfort when listening to this band. Their strength is writing solid rock songs with some influences from other genres. The energy never falters, even in a more laid back song like “The Wolf.”

The saxophone towards the end of album opener, “Forgiveness I + II,” is brief but it may be the highlight of an incredible album. The first part of the song has that distinguishable Billy Talent sound, but they take a more mellow route with the second half. The tempo gets a little slower and more relaxed and they even throw in some other horns for ambiance under the vocals. This leads directly into an 80s sounding saxophone solo that would fit in well in a romantic movie from that era.

Billy Talent excels at writing truly catchy songs, especially when it comes to the chorus. The vocals are clear, making lyrics easy to decipher and sing along. There’s no true stand out song, as they are all worthy. They don’t stray from their songwriting formula and these ten songs show them at the top of their game.

1. Forgiveness I + II
2. Reckless Paradise
3. I Beg to Differ (This Will Get Better)
4. The Wolf
5. Reactor
6. Judged
7. Hanging Out With All The Wrong People
8. End of Me (featuring Rivers Cuomo)
9. One Less Problem
10. For You