Biohazard - Mata Leao [CD]

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Between their first and second major-label albums, Biohazard trimmed their lineup to a trio, which had the effect of focusing their attack. Where they have had the problem of being a little too diverse in the past, ricocheting from metalized hip-hop to rap-inflected hardcore, the band has now concentrated their energies into creating a singular, piercing sound. There are still elements of metal, rap, and hardcore punk on Mata Leao, but they are fused into a cohesive whole, which makes the album more effective than the previous record. Biohazard still has a problem with writing strong riffs and convincing lyrics, but music has more power and finesse than their previous releases, and that actually sounds better than the raw, edgy chords that powered their intial indie records. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine Special edition of the alternative metal act's 1996 in a special pack with a patch, limited to 1,000 copies only.

"...Over the past eight years [Biohazard] has forged a sound that truly transcends the elements of punk, metal and hip-hop that comprise it....The world according to Biohazard might not be a bright place, but truth certainly resonates through their album--not always pretty, but good for the soul."

1. Authority
2. These Eyes (Have Seen)
3. Stigmatized
4. Control
5. Cleansing
6. Competition
7. Modern Democracy
8. Better Days
9. Gravity
10. A Lot To Learn
11. Waiting To Die
12. A Way
13. True Strengths
14. Thorn
15. In Vain