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This was the first release from these urban hip-hop/hardcore metal fusion gods. When I first got this album the horrible recording job slapped me in the face and I really couldn't listen to it. The drums were recorded with way to much reverb on them and you can't hear the cymbals. Actually, the guitar, bass, and vocal tracks are recorded very well, however the drums lead it to be a little more disappointing than you may think. Months later I tried to listen to it in depth paying attention to the song writing and performances over the bad quality. It really impressed me the second time around. Unforgiving riffs mixing in with pissed off urban lyrics, Biohazard's unique style was all there. With many classic tracks (such as "Victory", "Retribution", "Wrong Side of the Tracks", "Hold my Own", and "Blue Blood" just to name a few) this album does not by far get the credit it deserves. For real hardcore kids out there, this may be your favorite Biohazard album yet with double bass drum everywhere, chunky palm-muted guitar, and fast beats all over the place. The only problem I've come to determine is the bad recording quality on the drums and that could be the reason Biohazard re-recorded some tracks of this album for their next release, the absolute classic Urban Discipline.

1. Retribution
2. Victory
3. Howard Beach
4. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
5. Justified Violence
6. Skinny Song
7. Hold My Own
8. Pain
9. Panic Attack
10. Survival Of The Fittest
11. There And Back
12 Scarred For Life