Bitter End - Climate Of Fear [CD]

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Bitter End are an intense hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas, influenced by the metallic New York Hardcore bands of the late 80s and early 90s. With their exhaustive touring and their debut 7 EP Mind In Chains (Malfunction 2005), they have established themselves as a brute force in the hardcore community.

Refining their mid-tempo power displayed in their previous release, Bitter End take it to the next level with their debut album, "Climate of Fear". Tight production accentuates song after pummeling song, creating a controlled chaos few bands could achieve. Paying homage to their influences (Cro Mags, Killing Time, Breakdown) while firmly establishing themselves as leaders of the new breed of heavy hardcore.

01. Panic
02. Climate Of Fear
03. Phantoms
04. Vigilance
05. Nothing Remains
06. The Higher
07. The Other Side
08. House Of Denial
09. Terrified Eyes
10. On My Own
11. Two Domains