Bitter End - Mind In Chains [CD]

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In the last few years Texas hardcore has really come into it's own. Building a scene without a coast or any current hardcore history has made kids search out for anything they can grab and make it their own. The need for hardcore is prevalent with this scene, and thus some of the brightest stars of today are coming out of the Lone Star state. Bitter End plans on being at the front pushing everyone else out of the way. Formed as a side project of other up-andcoming hardcore bands, Bitter End came into their own with a demo that was quickly spread throughout the country via messageboards and fellow TX bands hyping up their friends. Mixing old NYHC like Killing Time, Breakdown, and Madball with their own style of Texas hardcore gives us five songs that could best be described as "a bar-room brawl set to a breakdown". Mind In Chains is the beginning, a call to arms. This is their introduction to the show that will leave kids hugging walls and hoping that the world won't fall down on them, because when it falls, it's not leaving anyone alive.

1. Caught
2. World Demise
3. Dirty Schemes
4. The Plague
5. Meltdown