Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go [CD]

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Recorded by Will Yip at Studio 4, "When People Grow, People Go" is an 11-song amalgamation of Blacklisted's brave experimental leanings ("No One Deserves..." direction) and their unquestionable hardcore heart ("Heavier Than Heaven..." direction). All of it musically electric, pushed to the point of explosion by vocalist and lyricist George Hirsch's melancholic introspection, widening the gap between them and everyone else with their inspiring originality, vulnerability and power. For fans of Touche Amore, Title Fight, Modern Life Is War and Converge.

1. Insularized
2. Turn In The Pike
3. Riptide
4. Deeper Kind
5. Gossamer
6. Burnt Palms
7. Foreign Observer
8. Calendars
9. Wooder Ice
10. Bottle Rockets