Blink 182 - Enema Of The State [LP]

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Enema of the State is the third studio album by American pop punk band Blink-182. Recorded at various locations throughout California with producer Jerry Finn, the album was first released on June 1, 1999 in the United States on MCA Records. "What's My Age Again?", "All the Small Things" and "Adam's Song" were released as singles, each highly successful.

The album was originally released on CD and cassette in 1999. Many of these CDs were enhanced CDs, containing extra footage. Many early editions of these releases are now rare, as both the band corrected the artwork to follow the style formatting of the name (blink-182 should never have a capital B) and the Red Cross requested their logo be removed from the nurse's cap in the original cover. An Australian Tour bonus disc edition followed, with an extra disc containing rare live tracks.

There are three different versions of the cover art. The first release has a red cross on the nurse's hat and a capital B in the Blink-182 logo. The band preferred the lower-case b in the band name, and the second version features the red cross and a lower-case b. The American Red Cross then forced the band to remove the red cross from their artwork or they would be in violation of the Geneva Convention, and thus, the third iteration of the album cover features a plain white nurse's hat. This third version is the only version to bear a Parental Advisory label for profane lyrics.

A1. Dumpweed
A2. Don't Leave Me
A3. Aliens Exist
A4. Going Away To College
A5. What's My Age Again?
A6. Dysentery Gary
B1. Adam's Song
B2. All The Small Things
B3. The Party Song
B4. Mutt
B5. Wendy Clear
B6. Anthem