Born Low - Refuse To Beg & The Hunger Within

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Their last 2 7" on one record and includes bonus tracks from THW sessions "Two Fold" and "Nature Of The Business".
Hard-nosed hardcore that takes cues from Madball, Terror, and Death Threat.
Pounding out a unique blend of locally inspired and New York City-influenced hardcore since 2008, Born Low's descent upon the modern hardcore scene over the past six years could only be described as a bitter, vigorous assault. Their upcoming release "Refuse To Beg" marks a reunion between Reaper and Born Low, as the band continues to refine their campaign of aggression, attitude and authenticity in an ever-changing hardcore scene. Born Low shows no signs of wavering, and their plans aim to serve the hardcore scene with great resilience and strength in the years to come.

1. Nobody Move
2. Just How Real
3. The Tensions Too Much
4. Never Been Clean
5. Die Down
6. When The Coffin Drops
7. Pura Vida
8. Wrecking Ball
9. Empty Plate
10. Blinded Eye
11. Two Fold
12. Nature Of The Business