Bottomfeeder - Sink to the Depths [10"]

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What do you get when members of the Gaslight Anthem, Ensign, and Gates get back to their roots in a New Jersey practice space?
Whether you grew up in the Midwest going to festivals headlined by Grade and Hot Water Music that featured kids unironically playing Four Square outside the venue (this is what people did before iPhones) or just like your hardcore as melodic as it is moving, you'll be captivated by these four songs. "Do you want to know the future?" frontman Derek Reilly sings on the screamo anthem "You're Welcome," and although the song makes us pine for the past, we hope that future includes many more releases from Bottomfeeder. Oh, also real hoverboards, not this self-balancing scooter bullshit.

1. Fluc Capcitor
2. You're Welcome
3. Ross' Song
4. Hindsight