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"Esto Es Brujeria" is a reliable continuation of what acolytes want from the band and what they have been known for. The real-world brutality of the subject matter continues to be delivered with a frequently jovial approach. Sure, bands like MACABRE have done that before, but at the end of the day, there is only one BRUJERIA. Uptight, po-faced underground purists are likely to scoff as always, but BRUJERIA's seasoned ensemble doesn't need to prove itself to that crew, nor do they care to do so.

This is the 2LP orange with red and black splatter vinyl edition.

1. Esto Es Brujeria
2. El Patrón Del Reventón
3. Estado Profundo
4. Bruja Encabronada
5. G-A-K
6. Tu Vida Loca
7. Mexorcista
8. Bestia De La Muerte
9. Políticamente Correctos
10. Mochado
11. Perdido En El Espacio
12. Odio Que Amo
13. Testamento 3.0
14. Covid-666
15. Lord Nazi Ruso
16. Cocaína