Caliban - Gravity

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Caliban has long been a powerhouse of heavy melodic force in the metal world, and the band’s new album, Gravity, is no exception.
For those not keeping track at home, Gravity is Caliban’s tenth album. That’s enough of an impressive feat on its own, one that should be celebrated in the Internet age. Caliban is in a weird place in modern metal where it was never a pioneer, yet their long-running status certainly holds weight. The German group’s metalcore sound has evolved over the years away from the Gothenburg-influenced style and ever slowly toward more modern ideas of heavy music.

1. Paralyzed
2. Mein Schwarzes Herz
3. Who I Am
4. Left For Dead
5. Crystal Skies
6. Walk Alone
7. The Ocean's Heart
8. brOKen
9. For We Are Forever
10. Inferno
11. No Dream Without A Sacrifice
12. Hurricane