Caliban - Shadow Hearts [CD]

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Germany's Caliban led the charge in the new wave of extreme metal and hardcore. A genre once dominated by US bands such as Slayer and Pantera, Caliban broke from the confines of traditional Euro metal. Caliban have found a home stateside fitting squarely into the "metalcore" scene currently dominated by the likes of Poison The Well, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God and Shadows Fall, all US based bands. This is their breakthrough album, re-released with two exclusive bonus tracks.


1. "Dark Shadows" 1:30
2. "Forsaken Horizon" 2:53
3. "Storm of Rage" 4:02
4. "Vicious Circle" 3:54
5. "Bad Dream" 2:58
6. "The Seventh Soul" 3:18
7. "Scream from the Abyss" 3:42
8. "Detect Your Liberty" 3:33
9. "Fire Is My Witness" 3:16
10. "Between the Worlds" 3:04
11. "A Piece of My Life" 3:13