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Much like your creepy uncle who touches the cat at Christmas, this album refuses to be ignored. From the hairy bass to the constant rolling of R's, this is quite the homebrew New York album. In the never ending maelstrom of the NYHC scene, very little metal spawned. And though bands like Nuclear Assault, Overkill, and Anthrax would inadvertently benefit from this birthing ground, punk seemed to run the circus. That is, until then Fallout vocalist/bassist Peter Steele decided to take a road trip down the crossover highway. And even more surprisingly in a PRE crossover world. D.R.I was still seen in the metal community as "That one band that makes me seem eclectic." And their first two albums were nearly totally devoid of anything metallic. But having been bred surrounded by bands like Cro Mags and Agnostic Front, who delved a bit into metallic elements, gave an open door opportunity for the first crossover record of the scene. And even still, this was quite different from the crossover that would be spawned in the next 3 years.

A01. Predator
A02. Carnivore
A03. Male Supremacy
A04. Armageddon
B05. Legion Of Doom
B06. God Is Dead
B07. Thermonuclear Warrior
B08. World Wars III And IV