Cattle Decapitation - Medium Rarities

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A1. Birth. Cancer. Death
A2. No Future
A3. Chili Dispenser
A4. The Recapitation Of Cattle
A5. Thrombosis All-In
A6. Turn On The Masters
A7. Tripas De Pepe
A8. Vino De Lo Sanguifero
A9. Queso De Cabeza
A10. Birth. Cancer. Death (unreleased)
A11. Diarrhea De Dahmer (unreleased)
A12. Human Jerky (unreleased)
A13. Thrombosis All-In (unreleased)
A14. Colon Blo (unreleased)
A15. Flesh-Eating Disease (2nd Version)
A16. Burnt To A Crisp (Carcass Cover)
A17. Sonny's Burning (The Birthday Party Cover)
A18. Rotting Children For Remote Viewing (unreleased)
B1. You People
B2. World Full Of Idiots
B3. An Exposition Of Insides
B4. No Light And No Life
B5. Cannibalistic Invasivorism