Christian Death - American Inquisition [PICLP]

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Few bands can rightfully claim to be the incarnation of Gothic music, but legendary CHRISTIAN DEATH definitely deserve this title. After a seven year wait, one of the most revered and influential acts of the Gothic Rock scene deliver their epic new album "American Inquisition". This surprisingly upbeat album features male and female duet style vocals, rare and exotic ethnic instruments, both child and adult choirs. Their best effort in a long time!

A1. Water Into Wine
A2. Stop Bleeding On Me
A3. Narcissus Metamorphosis Of
A4. Victim X
A5. To Disappear
A6. Dexter Said No To Methadone
B1. Angels And Drugs
B2. Seduction Thy Destruction
B3. Workship Along The Nile
B4. See You In Hell
B5. Surviving Armageddon
B6. The Last Thing