Christian Death - The Scriptures [LP]

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'The Scriptures' (1987) saw CHRISTIAN DEATH band leader Valor Kand take an even bolder step forward with the emphasis on world religion inside the group's grandiose goth-rock framework. With the help of long-time members David Glass and Gitane Demone, Kand constructed a dense and elaborate album that is clearly one of the band's strongest middle-period works. 'The Scriptures' is vintage CHRISTIAN DEATH. Out-of-print on vinyl for over 20 years, this legendary album can be enjoyed once again in its' full glory.

The Days Of Yore And Nonce
A1. Prelude
A2. Song Of Songs
A3. Vanity
A4. Four Horsemen
A5. 1983
The Womb Of Time
B1. Omega Dawn
B2. A Ringing In Their Ears
B3. Golden Age
B4. Alpha Sunset
B5. Spilt Blood
B6. Raw War
B7. Reflections