Circle Jerks - GIG

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This is a legendary live album that reads as a "best of..." from this US punk/HC institution. Limited edition, only 500 copies worldwide with a full-color coversleeve and printed innersleeve including all lyrics, pictures and more.

1. Beat Me Senseless
2. High Price On Our Heads
3. Letter Bomb
4. In Your Eyes
5. Making The Bombs
6. All Wound Up
7. Coup D'Etat
8. Mrs. Jones
9. Back Against The Wall
10. Casualty Vampires
11. I Don't
12. Making Time
13. Junk Mail
14. I, I & I
15. World Up My Ass
16. I Just Want Some Skank
17. Beverly Hills
18. The Crowd
19. When The Shit Hits The Fan
20. Deny Everything
21. Wonderful
22. Wild In The Streets