Clowns - Bad Blood

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Australian hardcore/punk band from Melbourne. Bad Blood' is Clowns latest destructive offering, written amongst the suburban jungle of Cheltenham (where the band grew up) in a complex that houses a bakery, a cattery and a morgue, right across the road from a cemetery. Recorded at at St.Kilda's lauded Hot House Studios with Craig Harnath and Jeremy Giddings using their famous Neve desk and a truckload of vintage and boutique gear, the production is rich, raw and dirty. Urgent but natural. Reflective of the band's can-do DIY approach and go hard or go home attitude.

A1. Human Error
A2. Never Enough
A3. Euthanise Me
A4. Figure It Out
A5. Infected
A6. Bad Blood
A7. These Veins
B1. Swallow Your Dreams
B2. It Stops With You
B3. Is This A Test?
B4. Derailed
B5. Dead In The Suburbs
B6. Play Dead
B7. Human Terror