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Having emerged in the late 00s as Code Orange Kids, this Pittsburgh band simplified their moniker to Code Orange and ever since have pushed the modern hardcore envelope. Incorporating elements of grunge, trip-hop and industrial in between their lead-heavy guitar sound, The Above should place the sextet at the pinnacle of modern heavy music.

If Korn had more of a punk background, they might have emerged in the 90s sounding a bit like Code Orange, both bands demonstrating a taste for a murderously heavy riff and pinch harmonics. The contrasting vocal styles veer between the demonic roar of Jami Morgan and the more traditional rock vocals of Reba Meyers, giving the band plenty of scope to traverse the entire musical landscape picking up whatever they feel along the way and turning it into something truly special. The Above feels like the next logical step for heavy music.

  • 1. Never Far Apart
    2. Theatre of Cruelty
    3. Take Shape feat. Billy Corgan
    4. The Mask Of Sanity Slips
    5. Mirror
    6. A Drone Opting Out Of The Hive
    7. I Fly
    8. Splinter The Soul
    9. The Game
    10. Grooming My Replacement
    11. Snapshot
    12. Circle Through
    13. But A Dream ...
    14. The Above