Cold Stare - Bounce Back

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COLDSTARE (Belgium) distills an authentic blend of hardcore with strong notes of New York hardcore and raw hints of East Coast/Clevo-style. COLDSTARE’s melting pot of punk, hardcore, hip hop and metal influences take you on a hardcore joy ride full of fast old-school parts, massive backing vocals, breakdowns, sing-a-longs, two-steps and groovy up-tempo, all topped-off with a streetwise sound. Lyrical input varies from everyday experiences, personal introspection, friendship, the hardcore scene and life’s disillusions. COLDSTARE’s core values are loyalty, commitment and resilience. Measurements are made at life’s ‘moments of truth’: that’s when the wheat is separated from the chaff.

When life beats you down, summon up all your strength and Bounce Back!

For Fans Of: Killing Time, Breakdown, Judge, Inhuman, Crown Of Thornz, Skarhead, Rag Men, Sworn Enemy.

1. Blood And Lies
2. Crooked Ways
3. Bounce Back
4. Side By Side
5. Breaking Point
6. Time To Prove
7. Money Grab
8. Coldstare
9. Sleight Of Hand
10. Human Rat