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Sanctuarium, the new album of the metalcore brazilian band Confronto, will go to release on the month of august through 78 Life Recordings (BRA) will made the distribution in Latin America. The third album of the quartet have a 10 songs with influences about Haunted e Slayer, a sound more aggressive, dirty and charged of feeling, what don't reach if adopting the more clean records, commons in metalcore bands. The production more time stay with Davi Baeta, what sign the Causa Mortis album. Confronto have nearly 10 years of career and, in your history, tours around Europe and Latin America, totally 142 concerts out of Brazil and a big diary of concerts around all country, where playing on small rooms (for the 200 people) until festivals for 5 thounsands people, with names how Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, Fora Macabra, Garotos Podres, Clera, The Haunted, Brutal Truth, Ratos de Poro, The Black Dahlia Murde, Madball e Misery ndex. This constant presence on the stage and on the midia (magazine, websites and zines), in Brazil and in the others countries, make with that considerated for the public and critics how the best metalcore band of Brazil. The popularity will comprovated with the available of the single "Santurio das Almas" (track of the new album) on the MySpace of the band, what on 15 days playing 6.000 times. Now, with release of the new album, the band go to road, for concerts in Brazil, Latin America and Europe.

Abolição 03:03


Infaticídio 02:12

Sem Perdão 01:58

Calvário 02:42

Rosas Negras 02:35


Ocupação 01:48

Tortura 01:58