Congress - Stake Through The Heart

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The year 2000. A CONGRESS record has never disappointed anyone, and this one is no different. If nothing else, Congress are taking more influences from all corners, New York Hard Core, Gothic and Heavy Metal to name a few. Incredible technical musicianship, amazing songwriting and the usual personal / political lyrics make for another keeper. This is the kind of record you'll listen to 100 times and you'll still hear and discover new things every time you do. 'Stake Through The Heart' also marks the last of the line up problems for Congress. 2 new guys in the band (ex-Spineless and ex- Natural Order). We also welcome Tom (formerly vocalist of Family of Dog) as the new singer for Congress.

1. Sharpening The Stakes
2. Breed Some Courage
3. Chemical Breakdown
4. Angry With The Sun
5. Reality Conspiracy
6. Forsaken Future
7. In Bad Blood
8. Sunset Forever
9. Thirteen Stabwounds
10. Overlord