Converge - Unloved And Weeded Out [CD]

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Converge had some intense songs hidden away and now they are out, as well as the demo versions of several of the best songs from "When Forever Comes Crashing".


Downpour 2:41
Flowers And Razorwire 5:04
Tremor 1:03
Home Song 5:59
For You 2:38
Jacob's Ladder 4:00
Undo 2:20
Towing Jehovah (Demo) 2:11
The High Cost Of Playing God (Demo) 5:07
When Forever Comes Crashing (Demo) 3:06
The Year Of The Swine (Demo) 3:38
Letterbomb (Demo) 3:02
Locust Reign (Live In California) 1:40
This Is Mine (Live In California) 1:44