Convict - Burn The Flag

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Convict is no stranger to the scene, releasing several albums in the last decade of which two (“Twentyfourseven” and “The Passion Flow”) were released by legendary Belgian hardcore label I-Scream Records. Now, eight years(!), after their last full-length the band is back, with a brand new line-up and a brand new album “Burn The Flags”, on Strength Records delivering ten incredible and energetic melodic hardcore tracks that fans of bands such as Shelter, Ignite, H2O and Energy will love!

On “Burn The Flags” Convict burned their bridges and are ready for the next decade with superb live shows and a magnificent new album in their pockets ‘going for gold’!

A1 The Voice That Speaks
A2 Strength
A3 My Dedication
A4 Burn The Flags
A5 Suffer
B6 Feed The Fire
B7 In The Mirror
B8 Our Values
B9 Going For Gold
B10 Join This Death